Shoulder Conditions

“My therapy experience has been totally positive! My therapist has been completely professional from the beginning in testing & evaluating my shoulder condition; setting out a progressive exercise & strength program; providing program guides to enable me to exercise at home, and generally giving me constant feedback to encourage and guide me. My pain level was mid-range at the beginning. Now at the conclusion of my session it is almost non-existent or “1” on a scale of ten. I have already recommended your services to several people. My sincere thanks to my therapist and other support members of your group.”

-Vincent L., rotator cuff tear

“Prior to therapy I was very discouraged with my left shoulder. I was experiencing loss of motion, range and discomfort. After therapy, I am now able to do most tasks with ease. My level of discomfort has diminished. My therapist has taken the time to evaluate, re-evaluate and guide my shoulder to its pre-injury state. Thank you for all you have done!”

-Christine B., shoulder pain

” Before therapy I couldn’t do much. My mobility was not good. I’ve been in therapy for four weeks. I can use it a lot more in my daily activities. I’m very happy with my improvements.”

-Angie W., post shoulder labral repair

“When I started with FAST Physical Therapy I had pain in my shoulder and limited strength following rotator cuff surgery. After working with my therapist I have full range of motion and zero pain. My strength is returning as I use the exercises they taught me. I am able to engage in all my daily activities, work out at Fit For You gym and don all the equipment I use when scuba diving.”

-Arthur G., shoulder pain post rotator cuff surgery

“I am very impressed with the amount of information and knowledge I learned in three weeks of treatment. I am also very pleased with how much better I feel and the strength I’ve gained in my shoulder. I am very glad I was able to come to Fast Physical Therapy – they did an excellent job!”

-Barb A., shoulder pain after injury

“Physical therapy has helped my shoulder pain tremendously. I have much better range of motion. I’ve learned moves that were hurting the shoulder more. I’ve also learned many exercises to help strengthen the shoulder muscles as well as help my posture. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!”

-Beth M., shoulder pain

“I came to FAST for physical therapy because I was having pain in my shoulder and shoulder blade. I knew it was a problem that needed to be addressed when normal activities (reaching for something high, fastening a seat belt, push-ups at the gym, SLEEPING) became painful. Since I’ve taken therapy most of my pain is gone-especially in my shoulder blade. I’ve learned to modify some exercises and have built up some of the surrounding muscles through exercises to strengthen my weaker spots. I have continued my exercise routine, classes and training 5 days a week and come away with my shoulder not aching. I also have the tools now to continue strengthening those muscles. Thanks FAST!”

-Yvonne K., shoulder bursitis

“Pain in the back & front of my shoulder is gone. My muscles feel stronger.”

-Betty G., shoulder pain

“You guys are wonderful. Thank you so much. I’m almost pain free and can sleep uninterrupted.”

– Brandon B., shoulder pain

“I can’t believe the difference in the last week. Today, I have no shoulder pain! Last night at work- I was able to reach up to high shelves, which is important to my job. I’m not waking up at night due to pain. The range of motion in my right shoulder is so much better.”

-Chandelle C., shoulder pain due to injury

“Almost no improvement & some worsening of pain, numbness & weakness for the first two weeks, then rapid and consistent improvement in function, numbness, strength, & pain. PT was extremely helpful for better body mechanics and reinforcement of exercise and posture principles. I’ve had several weeks of very little to no pain. I’ve been comfortable driving my stick shift car again & I feel like I’m back to baseline with normal daily activities. I feel comfortable with the knowledge of how to continue to safely increase my exercise tolerance.”

-Wendy C., shoulder pain

“Physical Therapy was a positive experience. The therapists were positive and informative. My pain levels were reduced and range of motion increased significantly.”

– Charles B., shoulder pain after injury

“I have improved a lot here at FAST. I have new exercises to help strengthen my shoulders and warm up my muscles. I wasn’t very strong in my left side and now it is stronger and still getting stronger. This has helped me get stronger and more flexible in my upper body.”

-Cooper M., shoulder strain