Neck Pain & Headaches

“I am no longer having any difficulties with sleeping at night. I am able to now check my blind spot while driving. I do not feel any pain in my neck or head and I am able to work at work with no pain what so ever.”

-Amelia E., cervical strain headaches

“When I started, I had neck pain, very little strength in my left arm, numbness in left hand and trouble sleeping at night. After completing Physical Therapy, I do not have any trouble sleeping, gained a lot of strength back in my left arm and have very little neck pain.”

-Brent C., cervical radiculopathy

“Before therapy I had bad neck pain with limited mobility of my head. I had chronic tightness and pain in my shoulder and neck which made simple things like camping and backpacking tough. Now, since receiving therapy, my neck and shoulders are pain free and have full mobility and range of motion. Even better is now I can bike ride, kayak and work out with no pain. Thanks FAST Physical Therapy!”

-Amy B., neck pain

“My reason for coming here was for my neck that has degenerating disks. I wanted exercises that I can do so that I don’t have more degeneration. The exercises that Mike has me doing have helped more than I expected. I’m pleased that I chose FAST Physical Therapy at Fit for You Gym and Ill sure recommend your place to anyone.”

-Nelita S., cervical osteoarthritis

“After just three sessions with FAST, my pain went from an 8 to a 2. The movement and ease to move my neck is 80% better. I am very happy with what the therapist has done for me in only three visits.”

-Bill C., neck pain

“From an inability to turn my head slightly, to easily, turning right and left has made an excellent result for me. This has been a relaxing and positive experience.”

-Joanne B., neck pain

“My overall pain has decreased!! I notice a definite difference in my neck; it feels looser and more flexible. I recently went rock climbing and experienced no pain increase. Physical therapy has definitely helped my neck & shoulders.”


-Leah M., neck pain

“I had pain on & off with working at my desk, lifting, even dressing and styling my hair. After, I feel better about my posture and am able to do everything without pain. I have been sleeping through the night without pain or without waking up.”

-Bridgette S., Left neck pain to shoulder

“Physical Therapy is helping me a lot. I have noticed a change in my ability to use my muscles normally again. I can pick my daughter up gain (here and there) and have noticed a marked change when I ride my horse. I am able to use my core which was nonexistent before I started therapy. And noticed a big change in muscle tightness.”

-Christine B., cervico-occipital neuralgia

“No problems with sleeping now. No distracting arm pain at work. No finger numbness. Walked away feeling good and with a good understanding of a home exercise program to continue with.”

-Joseph E., cervical spine pain with numbness down arm

“Doing dishes is easier-I have learned to put one plate up in the cupboard, instead of five at a time. I have also learned to watch the signs of my body. Swallowing was very difficult, now much better. This has been a wonderful experience for me! Thank you all!”

-Colleen T., cervical spine fusion

“When I began at FAST almost everything was painful or not possible to do. I have since become pain free while walking, working, doing household chores and other activities. I had pain radiating down left arm that has completely gone away as well. I am able to function much more normally since I started PT.”

-Courtney S., neck pain radiating down arm

“I can sleep through the night w/out the neck pain waking me up. I have learned how to stretch and relax the muscles when I’m having spasms. Much greater range of motion. I feel so much stronger in my neck and upper body/arms. The neck spasms/pain is MUCH less. I have not had to take any pain relief medications since I began therapy.”

-Mary M., cervical strain

“It was a positive experience with identifiable improvement. Motivating, listening, friendly personality of therapist, well organized instruction/therapy.”

-Dennis P., neck pain

“Although my neck pain has been an ongoing condition (13+years), FAST PT helped me in many ways. I was given exercises that can easily be done at home. My therapist was excellent. Would highly recommend FAST PT. I have had PT at two other places over the past 10 years but would rank FAST the best.”

-Diane S., cervical spine pain with bulging discs

“I am able to work at my computer without neck pain. I use lumbar support and better posture with my neck. I am able to use better posture due to my improved shoulder and neck strength and instruction from my therapist. I am more aware of what I can do properly in my exercises classes. I am sleeping through the night without pain.”

-Marilyn N.