FAST Fitness

Our FAST Athlete programs focus first on building a strong, balanced foundation in each and every participant through strict adherence to form, functional movement, and nutrition education. By working with our athletes from the ground up we are able to lower the risk of injury, increase an athletes speed, endurance, and total performance both on and off the field. We personalize each program to the athletes needs based on Functional Movement Screening, looking at key markers of athletic performance, and sport specific demands.

Currently offering:

  • FREE Functional Movement Screening*
  • Pre-Season Individual and Group Training
  • Strength and Power Training
  • Sprint and Endurance Training
  • In-Season Individual and Group Training
  • Speed and Agility Training
  • Balance and Stability Training
  • Post Rehab Individual Training

* FAST Athlete offers a FREE full body Functional Movement Screening. This screening assesses risk of injury, strength and coordination imbalances, and areas of weakness that affect athletic performance. This is a great physical assessment for athletes of any age from beginner to elite, the weekend warrior and the professional athlete. The earlier an athlete participates in this screening, the greater effect it can have on their continued performance.

For more information, or to book your Athlete or Team with FREE Functional Movement Screenings, call 231.932.9014 today!