Back Pain

“Back pain is completely gone! Full range of motion restored! Very good experience. Well worth the time. Nice equipment, atmosphere and great staff.”

-Scott L.

“Best results yet! I have tried chiropractic, pills, etc. This has been the best plan, I was afraid surgery was my only other option. I thought I would never feel normal again. I have not had any stiffness or tightness in my back since I have been working with Rex. I feel stronger, positive and more motivated than ever to keep up with my stretching exercises.”

-Collette O.

“When I walked into my first session I could barely move, bend or lay on a bed without dealing with sharp, stabbing lower back pain. After four weeks or so of physical therapy I feel my mobility in my back is better than it was before the pain began. Amazing results! Thank you to everyone at FAST PT!”

-Kari M., low back pain

“My experience at FAST has been outstanding. Since starting my PT sessions, I have gone from being in extreme pain regardless of my position, to having near 100% movement with no pain. I continue to improve daily. This has been an extremely great experience.”

-Chris C., sciatica

“I had amazing results. After the first visit, I was already feeling better. Being a gymnast, my body has to be 100% and thanks to Heather and Jill, I am back to competing!”

-Aiden W., back injury

“After my second visit to FAST, I had relief from the constant pain in my hip and lower back. I always felt miserable. Although I felt sore and a burning sensation that night while fixing dinner, the morning after I felt so much relief I could hardly believe it. I realized how much of my time had been spent just trying to put the pain out of my mind or moving around trying to relieve it, trying to go on with my daily activities, drive and sit for long periods of time at work. I look forward to future treatment and relief. Thank you FAST.”

-Diane C., back pain

“When I started I had about 7 out of 10 pain and now I have none. I can play soccer and basketball, and walk without pain now, too.”

-Lex G., sacroiliac pain

“Back and hip pain have gone away. Feeling more flexible too!”

-Beth W., back and hip pain

p{“When I started PT I was having problems with mobility (sitting/standing bending, stretching, etc.,) and was experiencing pain throughout my back, glutes & hamstring. As of today my pain in my back is gone. In the past week I have gained flexibility and
strength throughout my back/ hamstrings. Walking and many activities have improved more and more every day.”}

-Travis B., low back pain

“I am able to sleep at night without waking because of pain. Main goal!! I am able to sit for periods of time without becoming uncomfortable. I am now able to go to all my exercise classes and do all the exercises.”

-Audrey B., back pain